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Oral Health Products

Oral hygiene doesn't stop at the dentist chair. Our office provides oral health products to help you keep your smile healthy even at home. We carry the following products:

* Clinpro™ 5000 High Fluoride Toothpaste
* Oral-B® Electric Toothbrushes
* MI Paste©

Contact Information

139-2515 90 Ave SW
Calgary, AB, T2V 0L8

Tel: (403) 281-2520
FAX: (403) 251-9482


Office Hours:

Monday: 8AM – 3PM
Tuesday: 8AM – 4PM
Wednesday: 8AM – 4PM
Thursday: 8AM – 6PM
Friday: 8AM – 3PM
Saturday: 9AM - 3PM
* Once per month during September to May

  • Dental Emergencies
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Direct billing to insurance
  • Free parking

Recently Moved

Dr. Michael K L Yeung’s dental office has moved to a new address!

See our contact page for our new address

Dental Services

Dr. Michael Yeung's dental office focuses on general family, cosmetic, and children’s dentistry. Some of our main dental services include, but are not limited to:

Dental Implants

A dental implant replaces a tooth's root to create a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. Dental implants help improve the overall appearance of your smile while helping your speech and eating habits. They also improve comfort.



This restoration comes in the form of a cap that covers the surface of your tooth and protects it from further damage. A crown may be needed if you have broken or fractured your tooth, had a recent root canal, or have a decaying tooth. Let a crown help restore your tooth’s strength and function.



A bridge restores spaces left by missing teeth by generally using a false tooth supported and anchored by crowns on either side of the space. Adding a bridge helps keep teeth from moving which could affect your chewing and speech. Not replacing missing teeth could lead to complications like TMJ and bite changes.



Sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond repair and will need to be extracted. Extracting the problem tooth is important because it could infect other teeth. Common extractions include wisdom teeth removal which if left unchecked can crowd other teeth and cause complications.



A filling is a common dental procedure that treats cavities. The decayed portion of your tooth is removed and then filled in with usually porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, and some other material. Fillings can also be used to repair cracked or broken or worn out teeth.


Dental Cleaning

Regular teeth cleanings are an important part of preventative dentistry. Cleanings are an opportunity to check your teeth for any potential problems, catching them early before they transform into a more painful and complicated oral health issue.


In-Office Teeth Whitening

For a brilliantly bright smile fast, consider in-office teeth whitening. In-office whitening is a safely controlled procedure that uses bleaching gel and yields results that are visible almost immediately.



Veneers can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your smile or to protect damaged teeth. Porcelain covers are placed on the surface of your teeth after a small portion of your enamel has been removed, allowing for proper thickness and providing optimal beauty and strength of the veneered teeth.


Root Canal Treatment

When the root of your tooth has becomes infected, a root canal treatment is needed. Decay has damaged or even killed the tooth. A root canal removes the pulp of the tooth and fills in the cavity left by the decayed pulp. This prevents infection from spreading, relieving toothaches, and promoting healing.


Preventative Care

Catching dental issues in their early stages keeps them from growing into a more painful complication that could cost you. At our office we provide preventive care like fluoride and sealants to keep teeth strong against cavities and other problems. Regular checkups help maintain your healthy smile with preventative care.


Mouth Guards

Dr. Yeung and his office can help you protect your teeth inside and outside the dental office. We supply custom mouth guards for patients participating in various sports. Proper mouth guards protect your teeth while still allowing you to speak and breathe normally. Our office can help you find a mouth guard that fits comfortably.


Bruxism Appliances

A different type of mouth guard includes night guards which are mostly commonly used to prevent bruxism or the grinding of teeth. Dr. Yeung’s office can provide you with a variety of custom night guards to suit your needs.


Invisalign ®

Straightening your teeth with the innovative Invisalign system available at the dental office of Dr. Michael K L Yeung. This system uses a series of custom-made aligners that are designed exclusively for your. You don't have to worry about metal brackets or wires associated with traditional braces. These aligner trays are comfortable and made from virtually invisible plastic that fits precisely over your teeth.


Inlays & Onlays

These dental restorations provide a strong, long lasting treatment for tooth decay and damage. They are often used in place of traditional fillings and can at times be used as an alternative to dental crowns. The term inlay is used when the restoration is done within the center of your tooth. An onlay is when treatment involves one or more cusps (or points) of your tooth or complete coverage of the biting surface. These extremely stable restorations can be made of multiple materials.



A dental sealant is used on the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent tooth decay. This thin plastic coating is painted on and bonds to the unique depressions and grooves of your teeth - typically your premolars and molars. Properly applied sealants will provide a protective shield over your tooth enamel. This quick and painless process is often used with children, protecting their teeth during years when cavities are likely.


Children's Dentistry

Starting regular checkups at an early age will increase your child's likelihood for a lifetime of good oral health and beautiful smiles. The office of Dr. Michael K L Yeung enjoys working with children and will put your child at ease in our warm and welcoming environment. We offer a full range of dental services for kids including routine cleanings, fillings and extractions.


Laser Dentistry

Optimize your oral health with laser dentistry in Calgary from the office of Dr. Michael K L Yeung. Used in a vast range of soft tissue and periodontal applications, dental lasers are not only effective but will reduce your time in the dentist’s chair. From preparing a tooth for root canal treatment to removing decay associated with gum disease, laser dentistry will enhance your dental care. Learn more about the technology we use.


Botox® Cosmetic Dentistry

Botox injections have proven to be effective in helping patients suffering with bruxism (clenching or grinding) or temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ). Botox is essentially a muscle relaxer that will not only help remove wrinkles but can also provide relief to your jaw and facial pain. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Yeung to learn more.